Sexy Solstice

Feeling Randy?

It may be those bedroom eyes, or maybe it’s the pheromones you are picking up on. Summer sunshine does have a special spot for spicing up the sex life. Summer vacation and warm nights might seem like a good recipe, but the increasing daylight hours – peaking at the summer solstice – can be sexier than you think.

It all starts in the center of your brain, with the pineal gland (a tiny pine-cone shaped organ), that lies in line with what we call the “Third Eye”.


It is a gemstone, wrapped in a connective tissue sheath that electrifies us into awareness.

We know so little about this pea-sized quartz, but that it floats between the hemispheres of your brain, supported by a narrow sconce – leading it skyward.

The pineal gland releases a hormone called melatonin – we often associate it with jet lag, shift work, insomnia.

Why is that? Because the pineal gland responds to the light coming through your eyes. Light inhibits melatonin, and darkness increases it.


Melatonin doesn’t make you fall asleep as much as it is a barometer for darkness –

and dark is the signal for your brain and body to rest.

Sometimes our natural circadian rhythms get knocked out of whack and don’t respond to darkness. Melatonin may help to reset that rhythm.

Melatonin has been shown to inhibit reproductive hormones in most healthy mammals, as the darker season is time to slow down, sleep, restore. As the daylight increases, melatonin production decreases – signaling the urge to get busy!

We haven’t quite distinguished how it works in humans, but we do know that the pineal gland has a “private line” to the reproductive system.

And so now, with summer rounding the corner, what does that mean for you?

As the sunshine days increase, and melatonin pulls its reins back – you may have notions of re-igniting the passion your relationship, or saying yes to a summer romance, or flowing in the sensuality of summer clothes and skin. It’s natural. Nature wants you to feel good about yourself.


Three habits for your sexy summer routine:

  1. Each day, identify 1 aspect of yourself that your consider lovely – develop a healthy connection to yourself. The sunshine and long days make it easier.

  2.  Become sensual (sight, sound, smell, taste and touch) – When you take time to notice these senses, the whole world transforms in front of you.

  3. On rising, close your eyes, and locate your pineal gland in your head – give it some room. Once you feel it breathe you will know. It’s the brain’s orgasm.*

Of course, bedroom eyes and pheromones can be found year round to stoke the fire, but as the solstice arrives, dedicate some time for feeling sensual and enjoy it! Find the seat of your soul, it is where your sexiness originates.