John Green & Medicine

Got 8 minutes? Educational videos are allowed to be longer than 4 minutes. & John Green can educate like nobody's business.

He talks about the complexity of American Healthcare (which is different from Canada, but natural medicine - which is privatized - can easily slide into these patterns).

There are no answers, but lots of perspective. I learned a few things:

1. John Green is always fantastic. Hank, who he refers to often, is his brother. 

2. I seem to enjoy people who emphatically intelligently discuss controversial topics from their living rooms. 

3. There is a concept he calls "Defensive Medicine"- which is doctors ordering tests beyond necessity, because of fear of malpractice suits - they are trying to cover their asses, because suing is so commonplace now. 

4. Socialized medicine can be a great way to incentivize government to lower costs, and centralize negotiation with pharmaceuticals and medical product providers. 

5. In Health, there is Inelastic Demand - "You can not negotiate effectively for your own healthcare services, because you need them" If someone tells you a therapy is necessary and costs a certain amount, you have no option but to pay for said therapy, or else suffer the consequences.

6. Europeans go to the doctor more often, but have lower healthcare costs.

6.5 I've decided that Canada is a pretty good place to live. 

You know what? The answer is a balance between Socialized and Privatized Medicine on a small scale. It's called Change. 

When your doctor isn't defensive, and you can voice you fears and concerns about finance and health honestly, you LOWER your healthcare costs, and your doctor has better outcomes.If administrated properly, your doctor makes a living, and your health is managed with care.  Why does this all work? Because you have a strong healthcare relationship.

Sign up with a Change Practitioner today. It's smart money.