Home Remedies

Home Remedies Reveal!

Picture 1:
1. Matcha for all its EGCG and more. 
2. Turmeric for anti-inflammatory deliciousness
3. Coconut Oil for skin and a whole array of other needs
4. Baking soda for skin exfoliation, cleaning, (& news to me - stings!) 
5. Apple Cider Vinegar for electrolytes, skin, hair
6. Rick Husk Charcoal for teeth
7. Ginger Root for immunity, happy bellies and inflammation.
8. Fine Salt for hydration, gargling, water flossing and nasal rinsing
9. Lemon/Lime for digestion

Picture 2.
1. Hot Water Bottle at the foot of the bed, to keep circulation flowing through the night
2. Neti Pot for sinus congestion
3. Tiger Balm for muscle ache and flu ache
4. Tennis Balls in a sock for rolling out back tension
5. Hydrogen Peroxide to clean tooth brushes
6. Making Daily, Realistic "To Do" Lists to keep stress levels in check.