Gout - The Basics

Gout - from the french-latin term gutta, which literally means "dropping" - because back in the day, it was thought that the disease was dropping out of the blood into the joint.

It is a very old condition, documented over 4000 years ago. Usually associated with affluent men (not exclusive to that anymore)

Uric Acid is what the Gout-afflicted make too much of, which turn into Sodium Urate crystals that deposit in joints, most commonly the big toe (ouch). (But can be in ears, knees/elbows or Kidneys)

Uric Acid is created when our DNA is turned over and metabolized. (Anyone remember A-T, C-G DNA base pairs aka Purines & Pyrimidines, from science class) - Well, as we naturally make these Purine bases, we also naturally break them down. The final end metabolic product is Uric Acid. 


In an attack the medication of choice is: Colchicine - which comes from the Autumn Crocus plant. Colchicum autumnale creates colchicine, which inhibits cell division, which stops Uric Acid Inflammation. That's intense. It is not preventative, but can manage the pain of an attack. 


Remember, just because it's natural does not mean it's safe! This should only be taken under supervision of a doctor. & do NOT take it as an Intravenous solution (which I have heard some NDs do!)


For long term prevention: Allopurinol, which inhibits the breakdown of the Purine to Uric Acid, is considered the best option. 

Genetics, Lifestyle & Other Medical Conditions are associated with it as well, but these changes are best paired with Allopurinol.


1. Cut down on Meats & Seafood foods

2. Cut down on Fructose 

3. No Beer/Spirits (Wine seems ok)

4. Aim for low-normal blood pressure

5. Manage insulin (blood sugar management)

Potentially: Anti-oxidant therapies may assist in lowering Uric acid.