Why Change?

Honouring the art of medicine; the craft of effective medical counsel.

Traditionally, physicians provided special knowledge and guidance to a small number of patients. Unlike the modern system, the doctor was an essential figure in the home. They stayed in regular contact, and were familiar with the lives, habits, struggles and joys of their patients.

Currently, the medical system is overburdened, options are costly and doubt is crippling the doctor-patient relationship. Information is available at the tap of anyone's finger, and as such, the qualities of weighing evidence, granting perspective, and seeing the patient as a whole are gaining more importance. 

This art takes focus, experience and a passion for modern and personalized medicine. It is the practice of astute clinical judgement paired with reliable on-the-spot diagnostic skills, complemented with caring bedside manner. It is when a doctor's visit is poetic, scientific and effective, at once.

Though we owe much of medical advancement to modern technology, the skill and efficacy of medical diagnosis and counsel, relies on a consistent, clear and honest bond between patient and doctor.

In a fee-for-service model, this relationship can be easily achieved for some, yet for others it restricts their care to a one visit, shot in the dark.

Naturopathic Medicine is an art, and the canvas is shifting. It's time to find a different way to offer natural healthcare.