I was recently led to this video from Amanda Palmer, on the art of asking. Her concept fits so well with the idea of Change. Listen to her journey, from being a 10-foot bride to a financially successful, self produced musician who offers her music freely. 

C: Collaboration & Community

Change is an example of what can happen when skilled naturopathic physicians ask their communities to support them, so that they can provide regular high quality care and expertise in return.

A: Accessible Service 

By providing transparent pricing, Change attempts to reduce the access barriers of fee-for-service health care (which causes people to ration their medical care). The service is in your doctor's philosophy, perspective and experience. Tools and various therapies are icing on the cake. See your provider as a resource, a lifestyle coach and a physician. 

M: Membership Based Medicine

By paying for a monthly/annual membership, you are contributing to a steady income for your practitioner. The goal of a membership is to average out your healthcare costs over the year and to encourage you to come in when you need to without worrying about the cost of that particular appointment.