Dr. Eric Topol, MD

There is a movement afoot! Dr. Eric Topol. MD, has written a 9-step Change Medicine outline for the modern conventional medical system.  These are exactly the steps we need to begin with to shift the whole healthcare system.

First line from the text:

"The practice of medicine today is obsolete, extremely wasteful, driven by patient crisis and perverse incentives"

Last line from the text:

"This is the most exciting time in the history of medicine. If we can make some  radical changes to accommodate the enormous opportunities, there will be better health at lower costs for many generations to come."


The nine steps (in short form, read the whole thing for a better interpretation) 

step 1: Change the Focus from the Population to the Individual

step 2. Embrace Biologic Individuality

step 3. Accelerate and Adopt Remote Physiologic Monitoring

step 4. Using Medical Imaging Appropriately

step 5. Using Personal Electronic Health Records and Health Information Systems

step 6. Educate Physicians on New Technologies

step 7. Incentivize Frugal Innovation 

step 8. End the Fee-for-Service Medical Care

step 9. Let Consumers Drive the Health Care Revolution

Now. Step 9 is where you come in.

Join Change. Drive the Revolution. 

Link access to the whole text is here. Download it. Read it. Share it with the doctors you know.